Friday, February 27, 2009

Bye bye holiday!

Well, time passes faster than i can imagine nowadays. My 2 weeks semester break finally comes an end and i am going back to Seremban this Sunday. I gonna return to my daily, stressful, tiring and boring life. The sad thing is that i am sitting for my first professional examination at the end of this semester in few months time. It means the only thing i can do....and will do...for the next few months study sleep study eat study....and the sequence repeat.

However, i think i really enjoyed during this holiday. First of all, at the begining of the holiday i celebrated my 7th Valentine's Day with my girlfriend at Genting Highland which is one of my greatest moment during Valentine. During the time in Penang, besides spending more time with family ( TV, dinner, talk, shopping), I spent some time meeting up old friends and had dinner with my college lecturer. At night after dinner, either i go online to read news (CNN or Soccernet) or I chat with my friends in msn which I hardly hv the chance during school day. The other option after dinner is spending time watching astro with my family. For me is not so much of watching the TVB series because i have missed the begining, but i feel that i able to talk with them while watching TV together. After 10:30pm, i can choose to read books or continue to surt net, chit chatting with my friends in msn, DVD marathon. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Hitcher, Beast stalker and Eagle eye) or continue watching my fav astro channel ( Take home chef, CSI New York, Licence to Grill, Naked Chef, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geography, Animal Plannet, History, Wah Lai Toi or Xing He Ping Tao)

I went jogging quite often during this holiday. I went almost everyday last week and twice this week. I have improved my distance from 3 rounds to 5 rounds without feeling tired. Besides that, i did push-up 100 times after finish jogging.

Everytime during holiday, spending time at home is the best moment of my life. I cant think of any better way of spending my holiday than staying in Penang. Is like after so mush of stress and hardwork ( I think i become more and more lazy nowadays), when i really mentally "exhausted", "wounds" everywhere the body, i think is good to go back and recharge myself. Well, I really really hope, praying hard that I able to pass my Professional Exam and come back again.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Study = Fail

Just for light sharing. I dint know maths can be predictive until that extent.
(p/s : please do not follow this formula, the blogger will not be responsible for any bad outcome )

Monday, February 23, 2009

The most expensive buffet in my life ~

Days before yesterday, I only heard from people saying that Jogoya ( japanese buffet restaurant) was one of the most expensive buffet you can get in town. Well, I went to one of the famous hotel in Penang at Batu Ferringhi ( Rasa Sayang Resort) to celebrate my sis, my mom and my brother in law's birthday. (3 in 1 combo) because their birthday happened to be in the same month ( if i not mistaken) So, we went to this so called 7 stars buffet restaurant ( frankly i not sure whether is it 7 star or people just being over-rated the hotel ). The buffet usually starts from 6pm -1030pm. So i think the best time to reach there at about 5:30pm-6pm where you can spend some time at the garden, the pool and the beach. Obviously the beach was not so crowded if compared to holiday season but still you can see some tourists. Some are japanese and some white foreigner, but i can't really tell which country they are from based on their look. Most of them spent time walking along the beach, holding hands and enjoying the sunset. Some of them spending time alone reading novel, sit facing the sea, with a cup of fruit juice on the table beside them. Some playing jet ski at the far side. I can bearly see their face but the sounds of the motor running was clearly heard. Some paid for a ride with parachute, but this is different from the usual parachute where you jump from the plane. You were tie at the end of the boat and it will brings you flying with the parachute for few rounds on the sea. I really not sure how much it costs for you just to fly around for few minutes. Maybe not even 10 minutes.

I think is time to start eating like a war prisoner who hadn't been eating for few months. Although i just had my lunch at 1:30pm. Well, first impression.......... I dint know which food is actually for buffet and which is just for decoration. Because the foods were seriously so nicely arranged and i dint know which is which. DAMN, embarassing~!!! but i still keep looking like normal and try to observe how people choose the food. Well i think this particular buffet is only for those who really like seafood..and like it FRESH ! because I saw lotsss of fresh seafood that night. majority were plain, fresh seafoods like prawn, oyster, baby lobster, crab. All were arranged nicely over moutain of ice in the basket. Nicely a circular pattern. At first i thought it was raw, but later heard from people that it was actually coocked but kept it cold... There were many different kind of sause. Ranging from sour cream, tabasco chilli sause, cocktail sause and wasabi sause. Have you eaten cold prawn or crab before?? well, for me...NO....this is the first time. Surprisingly it taste good..~ although just a plain piece of meat, but you can taste the freshness..the original taste of the prawn and lobster. Besides these freshly taste seafood.,there were also a section where you can pick which type of seafood you like them to cook, and they will do it for you....I think i liked scallop the most for that...because they fried it with black sause with dried chilli......fantastic!!! they were also lobster you can choose for them to fry, but personally i think eating it fresh will be the best option. :) I also tried the fresh oyster. Still remember the Mr. Beans series where he ate alot but later end up with gastroenteritis?? yeah...that kind of oyster..squeezing a sliced of lemon on it with few drops of tabasco chilli sauce will make the oyster one of the best food of the night.~!!

Besides seafood, there were also other types like japanese sushi and sashimi, chinese cooking, western asian food or what we called it as mamak food. Indian carpati, tandori chicken served with different spices and different curry. Obviously our famous local food like nasi lemak, satay, prawn mee and yee mee were also available. but who is gonna eat local food there?? obviously not malaysian. it kinda silly if you eat those food in such an expensive buffet. I also enjoyed eating italian bun with different kind of cheese available. There were 7 different kind of cheese placed on the glass plate ! too bad that i cant really try all because some of the cheese were GROSS!! The other thing i liked the most was the salmon....for so many years I have been eating salmon in a japanese restaurant with my girl friend..... I have never tried such a nicely taste fantastic salmon before. The salmon was so fresh that once you put it in your mouth, the salmon melt it on you tongue and the taste spread all over it. Amazing~~ I once heard it from my friend about such a fantastic salmon but i have never tried it myself until yesterday.

Overall, I ate 4 oysters, 8 prawns, 4 lobsters, 1 crab, 2 scallops, 10 pieces of salmon (5 of them were smoked salmon), 3 bowls of sharkpin soup, 2 scope ice-cream, 2 cup sof coffee, 3 italian buns with different types of butter and cheese and other lovely food that i can hardly recall..I would high recommend those who like seafood to visit this restaurant, because i think this would be fantastic for them!!!

After binge eating from 6-10pm, we spent a while more in the hotel.Even the toilet looked so classy....better than any 5 start toilet i've seen. The hotel hall was huge with comfortable sofa. Each sofa has a coffee table. With Malaysia famous flower ( hibicus and orkhid) placed in a glass of cup filled by water.

That night, the price for 4 person seafood buffet was Rm600.00+/- !!! luckily my sis said that paying with credit card will be given 20% discount..but still....i think is quite xpensive. But nvm~! since is my sis, my mum and bro- in law combo birthday dinner.....