Friday, February 27, 2009

Bye bye holiday!

Well, time passes faster than i can imagine nowadays. My 2 weeks semester break finally comes an end and i am going back to Seremban this Sunday. I gonna return to my daily, stressful, tiring and boring life. The sad thing is that i am sitting for my first professional examination at the end of this semester in few months time. It means the only thing i can do....and will do...for the next few months study sleep study eat study....and the sequence repeat.

However, i think i really enjoyed during this holiday. First of all, at the begining of the holiday i celebrated my 7th Valentine's Day with my girlfriend at Genting Highland which is one of my greatest moment during Valentine. During the time in Penang, besides spending more time with family ( TV, dinner, talk, shopping), I spent some time meeting up old friends and had dinner with my college lecturer. At night after dinner, either i go online to read news (CNN or Soccernet) or I chat with my friends in msn which I hardly hv the chance during school day. The other option after dinner is spending time watching astro with my family. For me is not so much of watching the TVB series because i have missed the begining, but i feel that i able to talk with them while watching TV together. After 10:30pm, i can choose to read books or continue to surt net, chit chatting with my friends in msn, DVD marathon. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Hitcher, Beast stalker and Eagle eye) or continue watching my fav astro channel ( Take home chef, CSI New York, Licence to Grill, Naked Chef, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geography, Animal Plannet, History, Wah Lai Toi or Xing He Ping Tao)

I went jogging quite often during this holiday. I went almost everyday last week and twice this week. I have improved my distance from 3 rounds to 5 rounds without feeling tired. Besides that, i did push-up 100 times after finish jogging.

Everytime during holiday, spending time at home is the best moment of my life. I cant think of any better way of spending my holiday than staying in Penang. Is like after so mush of stress and hardwork ( I think i become more and more lazy nowadays), when i really mentally "exhausted", "wounds" everywhere the body, i think is good to go back and recharge myself. Well, I really really hope, praying hard that I able to pass my Professional Exam and come back again.

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