Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random post

Tommorow I am the first person to go for exam. Sigh, I still dont know alot of suff and cant finish revising. Good luck to myself.

Friday, July 17, 2009 in really finally..


We finally finally finally finished our research. Today after meeting our tutor and he went throught our research paper every page and make some correction. Yes.....We are the ONLY group havent pass up our research. After meeting with him, we quickly went back to library and made all corrections that he asked us to do. Finally.....he asked us to pass up our research. I ve been waiting him to say this 4 weeks ago.

However, the research is not really finish yet. Because he wanted to make it publish in journal and want us to present it in a medical conference. So after our sem 7 exam, we still need to continue doing it, making more corrections and making it a better research.

I survived again......within 3 days I only sleep for 10 hours. Damn, will i die faster? I hope not...I still want to help many people.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy birthday Thomas.

Today is Thomas's birthday..lols....I accidentally saw it when I opened Facebook before I sleep last night. So today when i saw Jeya i asked him why they gonna celebrate for Thomas, who knowss....surprisingly.......One of his best friends in UNI, Jeya~~~ forgot about his birthday, he was so panic...and he keep saying :" shit shit shit..i forgot..." in front of me.

In the end, he decided to have a surprise party for Thomas. He asked me how should we surprise Thomas, well...I cant really think because first we are so busy for studying and classes and probably no one will come if there is any birthday party. So I told Jeya to call some friends for a simple lunch at Seremban 3 KFC. Well...actually I dont like fast food but.......since is my friend's birthday....dont care bout it..hoho..My plan was we split into 2 cars. Jeya and Thomas driving 1 car, Chien Hou and I was in another car. I told Thomas that I cant go with them because I need to go POS office to collect somthing. Actually Chien Hou and I dropped by a bakery shop nearby to buy a cake for him. I decided to buy 2...well....1 is a small piece of cake, only RM2:50. I bought 2 of those, and I bought another big coffee cake ( I dint know that is coffee) cost RM 33.00. We will give him a double surprise.

The birthday boy blowing the candles.

The first surprise in KFC, brought in the small cake with 2 candles. Sing a birthday song for him. He was so happy and kept on saying thank you to us, for organizing this. ( He dint know that there is still another big cake coming). So...after chit chatting in KFC, he thought everything is over. On the way back to uni, again..we forced him to follow other friend's car, becasue Chien Hou and I need to collect the big coffee cake from the shop and keep it inside Carpati Corner first. Yet I told him I need to go POS office now.

In uni, before VC starts, I told megala to went down and collect the cake when the VC finished. The rest of them trying to make him stay there...When everything is ready, everyone was waiting at an open space near the VC...He was talking to me, asking me to come over to his house because tonight his mum gonna cook a mutton curry (His fav food). I purposely walked towards to open space so he follow me...Suddenly, everyone start singing Birthday song...Double surprise...lols....too bad, I was too tired to sing along, just sit at the sofa waiting to eat the cake.

3 of my best friends in same posting. Chien Hou, the birthday boy, Hon Keong and me.

The bigger cake. Bought by me and Chien Hou

So surprise that I am the one who being called " Organizing chairman" for Thomas's surprise birthday mini party.....Because is usually his close friends who make it for him. But this time, is me................lols......Quite weird, even my close friend I never organize any of the surprise party for them, because I am suck at this kind of stuff. Maybe because of same subgroup in orthopaedic, I hv been mixing with him, Jeya and Chien Hou alots.....and they are nice people. :)
The first smaller cake :)

Anyway, happy birthday Keling!!! ( I am not racist but I just wanna make you pissed off because you dont like people calling you that..hehe)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post sleepless night.

This morning almost impossible for me to get up from bed for CP at 8am. I even think of skipping the CP, because I was so tired this I can feel the pain all over my body, the feeling is like after a Big Fight yesterday night........looking at my hp...showing 7:15am......sigh...exactly 3 hours i slept......reluctant to get up from bed.....but in the end I still got up and get ready to go hospital. I feel that I should not use tiredness as an excuse for me to skip CP. When I reached uni, I plan to have a cup of coffee as my last booster for my energy level...hopefully I can make it until after CP....and go back home and sleep. In the end I still go straight to the ward and waiting for Dato Shong because I dont want to be late. In the end, I waited in the ward for almost 1 hour.
The CP for today is the longest ever CP for me, althought it just lasted for 1 hour friends noticed that I keep rubbing my eye.....and sometimes my mind tend to shut down even thought I am listening the CP. After 2 case discussion, finally CP is over, but started to feel hungry...what a good timing....what should I do? eat or sleep ? Nvm, I will sleep after eat.....Followed a group of my friend to a coffee shop near by to hv lunch. Suddenly I feel very relief, because my case summary is done, my research is temporary done, and my CP has finished. Solving one problem after another.......Relief relief.......quite talkative during lunch time, sharing jokes with friend.....The feeling within me is just like I am finishing a major exam.......( In reality, EOS is just few weeks away, DAMN!!)
After lunch, I went back to student lounge and sleep. At first I thought I will sleep from 12pm to 4 pm. Who knows, I automatically woke up at 1pm, cant sleep!!!! Frus man....why? I am supposed to enter REM phase of sleep very fast, but once I got up, I can sleep anymore...DAMN~~!!!!!!!!!
Few hours before VC started, the only thing I can do is to study. Jeya is still typing his case summary in student lounge. Chien Hou is reading the topic for today...Hm, maybe I should read abit as well........feel thirsty.........probably because of lack of sleep causing me to be dehydrated. Order 1 water melon juice and start to study in Student lounge and waiting for VC to come.
After study for 1 and half hour, we ended up watching Astro. Lolss......Travel and Living on channel 703... "Bring Home Chef". One of my fav TV show...and Globe Tracker..showing a small town in Mexico called Maya. Since then I only realized that I really miss Astro in Penang....
VC was okay for me, at least I am not sleepy at all...surprisingly........Thomas, who also sleep almost same time as me yesterday, went out during VC and sleep outside sofa. But...I was still awake and alert.
Kind of weird, why am i not sleepy ???? And not stress at all....~~!! something must be wrong man.

Anyway, I would like to thank my coffee for keeping me awake this few nights. Coffee is the best beverage in the world, besides Green tea. :)

I think....I really time to start my engine to study.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Is 15 July 2009 3:12am. I think I am the only person who stay awake at this time. My eyes half opened, my neck aching, staring at computer monitor since 8pm until now......Finally I "swallow" everything in one night by doing the research and finish up all my case summary. I hope this is really the final time we do changes. Going to sleep now, because need to wake up in less than 2 hour time.

Vicious Cycle

Monday, July 13, 2009


@!$%^%&^*%$%#$@ !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why my research like never ending !!!!!!

Task after task....correction after correction.....non-stop..............!!

That is not fair for us, why cant we study peacefully like others?

I know this is a very important research because no research have been done in Malaysia and this is going to be the first one.

I also know that this research is most likely going to get published in conference.

But spend all the time doing this is not going to help me pass my exam.

I dont mind continue the research after semester 7 exam, as i got whole lots of time doing it that time.Because I also spent lots of hard work on it and I want this research project to success. But this is really not the time to do research.

I am so gonna fail my exam....................

By the end of the day, WHO CARES?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tht's a smart way~!!

Cari Cin Peng

Subject: Cari Cin Peng

Receive this email from my friend, a true story....

I was looking for an empty space to park my car at Bangsar when suddenly there's a knock on the glass

"Encik ah..tanya sikit ah..itu Chimpeng mana ah..?"


"Chimpeng, Chimpeng...saya sudah tanya itu guard ah.. diackaap sini ada satu Chimpeng..."

"Sorrylah Apek. Saya tak tau woh...Apa tempat itu Chimpeng?"

"Aiyah....itu Chimpeng balu punya..Saya mau pigi angkat wang la..."

"Tarak tau la boss. Itu kedai ka apa?Along ka?"

"Chimpeng bukan kedai itu pun tak tau ah..? ituChimpeng macam itu....Maypeng, Public Peng, RHetB Peng...itu balu punya Peng.."

buat aku pening je..Rupa2 nya dia cari ....... CIMB Bank .. !!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming soon.

From the director of The Don.

Terminator 4 : The Ubreakable Shield

To be broken on 22 July 09 at the cinemas near you.

You have been discovered!!

Today after dinner, I went inside Jusco to buy some sushi for my supper. Out of curosity that I saw some sandwishes at the sushi counter, which i dont see it normally.....hence i take a look closer.
Who knows i saw one tiny creature moving in the sandwish. I take a look closer...................

I dint know that our friend here preferred to stay in cold environment. ( 15 degreee celcius)
Sandwish ???? hm........maybe next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tun Dr Mahathir is here!!!

Today is a special for my university, IMU. Because Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir visited IMU, Bukit Jalil.
It is a very special event for all the staffs and students in IMU. Even some of my friends went all the way to Bukit Jalil from Seremban (2 hours journey) just to meet him.
Unfortunately, today I have an OT session in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar. Therefore I dint go Bukit Jalil today, but I did enjoy my OT session here in HTJ. Because today 2 of my friends and I are supposed to attend OT session. Due to the talk in BJ, I am the only one who attended the OT. I went in at 10am, changed to surgical scrub, and went into the hallway. I quickly read through the patient's file, to understand more about his chief complain, history of present illness, site and type of injury and operation planned for him. I also looked at the patient's X ray to look at which part of fracture or dislocation. Suddenly i heard a familiar voice from the Doctor Lounge, It was Mr. Naveed. He is spinal orthopaedic surgeon and IMU lecturer. When he saw me, he greeted me with smile. He told me that I was too late for the current OT session but too early for the next OT session. Then he told me :" common, let's do some teaching and learning session." I followed him around, and he explained to me some intruments in the OT room. He also asked me how to intepret the patient's X ray.
Today i saw a case of subthrocanteric fracture of the right femur. It was a very rare type of fracture because it usually due to high velocity injury and occur in strong part of the bone. The surgeon initially did close manual reduction (CMR) to reduce the fracture. Then by using radiation digital image to look at the alignment of fracture. If the fracture was well aligned, they wiill continue to do internal fixation of the fracture.
I stand aside and observe the OT for 2 hours. I must leave the OT at 1pm because i have another class at 2pm. Too bad....i must leave before the operation finished.
Missing an important session wuth Tun Mahathir is definitely my loss. Since small i always saw him appear in the TV, and always wonder why he always in the TV. I asked my mum:" why is this guy always in TV? " My mum answered me with a smile :" If you studied hard you can be also like him."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Research ---> END

After so much time spent during the weekends...every weekend........not on studying but on doing research and stuff... After repeating correction must be done on my research, I finally finish my research today!!! Well, at least I have finished my part and waiting for my other group mates to complete their part and we can make it into 1 copy and pass it up by this friday. Phiew..~~~ I feel like a tonne of rocks have been removed from me after finishing my research. Damn, nice feeling. Yet, i still have a more important task to do..the EOS, i dint really study much on orthopaedic because i busy finishing up my research and preparing for my ortho presentation. Although my presentation only on the 4th week, I rather do it now so that I can concentrate on study during that time. my next task......I wonder I still have enough time since I started revision so late, but i really hope that is not too late.

After so many sleep deprived night, Thank you..Cappucino...~!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Things not the same again

I remember I used to be a person who likes to be busy all the time. Since small, I keep myself busy from joining diffirent extracurricular activity in school, holding different position in high school.

Those day.....i really missed it.

I was Vice President for Handball Club, secretary in football club, executive committe in Traffic Warden. Besides this, I represent my school in Football for MSSPP (Masjlis Sukan Sekolah Pulau Pinang) for 4 years and Handball club. I present my school in Handball for 3 years.

Handball school team
Year 2001 : Reserve player, Second runner up
Year 2002 : First team, First runner up
Year 2003 : First team, First runner up

Football school team
Year 2000,01,02,03 : First team, group stage.

My biggest achievement in sport:
Represent Penang Handball Team Year 2002 in Sukan Sekolah Malaysia in Perlis.
( I was so proud playing alongside other best handball players in Penang and wearing Penang jersey, with Penang flag)

I also represent my school in Science competition in Penang at Pokok Sena. Our science project was Using Pandan leaves as repellent to insects. We got second runner up.

I successfully helping Football Club earn around RM600 by organizing 7 aside futsal competition in school.

I keep myself busy from day to day. Staying back at school meeting, organizing activity, attend handball or football training. Practising footdrill for up coming School Sport's Day, keep practising marching under the sun at 2:00am. Sometimes after practising, i will went shopping with friend.

Sadly those days were over for me. Nowadays, I feel so tense up until I feel like letting go everything in my hands. Tiredness kick in rapidly, every afternoon......The task in university keep on coming, new lecture, presentation, CSCF, TBL, IMS, Plenary...research, research, research and research again....never ending...Exam and exam and i dont know what is the true meaning of exam anymore, because exam is so frequent and common nowadays. While my research keep facing problems, keep correcting the mistakes...until now i am still doing it, everytime i tell myself: "This is it, i m gonna finish this and settle it off." but everytime i must bring it back and make correction. Preparing slides for TBL, IMS, Seminar......on call, case summary, case report.........Studying medicine itself is very difficult in the first place. Because i remember when i was semester 1, I have no confident in passing the exam. Now, besides need to study, they forced us to be in the ward, to attend IMS, to attend plenary, to do presentation for TBL and seminar or sometimes case presentation. Yeah....some of my friends asked me to simply do and pass up. But i cant be so selfish, I was given responsibility to present a new topic, I think I have the responsibility to come out with a good presentation so that all my fellow colleagues will get complete knowledge and make them understand as much as I can. Simply do...........can!!! why not?????? but..............woundn't this meaningless????

When you have so many tasks waiting for you to accomplish,sometimes you even feel that is impossible to finish it. You tend to avoid tend to put it aside. Everytime I saw people leaving personal message in their facebook :" Stress..........I need a break.........I want holiday." Something went through my mind, why i never tell myself that I need a break ? only motivation to keep me going......Exam...nearer day by day....yet i still so busy with research, case summary, dont really have time for revision. I think this is the first time where I really dont have enough time to revise for exam, not even 25% .

Well, step by step..that's the only thing i can do now.

Owen first exclusive interniew with MU


Michael Owen spoke to MUTV ten minutes after signing for United. Here's a transcript of his first exclusive interview with Mandy Henry...

How does it feel to have signed for Manchester United?
It feels great. I never even had it in my wildest dreams really but then I got the call from the manager (Sir Alex) to come and meet him. It was a shock but I’m obviously really happy and things have moved quickly since then.

Players probably don’t need much persuasion to move to a club like United but what did the manager have to say to you?
We just discussed football really and the pros and cons of signing myself. Thankfully there were more pros than cons. From my point of view, I just wanted to talk about football so we left David Gill and my agent to talk about the rest. Then it was a case of show me the paperwork and where I have to sign. I’m delighted to have signed.

I presume at the end of last season you didn’t think you’d be playing for Manchester United this season?
No, I probably had a poor spell up at Newcastle but prior to that, my career was very good and I’m sure a top club like this can reignite my career. Hopefully I can score a few goals and help the team to more success.

MU signed Owen

"I am now looking forward to being a Manchester United player and I am fortunate that I already know so many of the players here. I missed pre season last year and am pleased that I will be starting at Carrington from day one." : Owen

Finally my childhood dream has come true. I was surfing net and I received an instant message from my friend in Msn.

Well, although now he is not as fast as when he was young and troubled by recurrent knee injury, I still very glad that he finally joined Manchester United because this was my dream when I was 14 years old. Now I am 23 year old, after almost 10 years of waiting, he finally play for MU.

I know many people doubt about his ability to play at this high level after long term injury, but I still have faith in him and I hope he can achieve something in MU.

TNB & Pregnancy

TNB Online
有天晚上,老婆撒娇的和老公说:老公我的已经迟了一个月了,可能有了呢。老公十分兴奋的说 :dear,我们还是先别公布,保密下,下星期我们看doctor确定后再说,免得空欢喜一场。这样俩公婆就很开心的睡觉休息去了。由于他们家上个月没有缴付电费,隔天TNB的员工就上门来追数了!TNB员工说:miss, 你已经迟了一个月了,快点把它settle掉,不然我难做啊!老婆很惊讶的嘶喊:我迟一个月,TNB都知道???!!!!TNB员工不肖的说:Aiya, miss,现在都IT时代了,我只要online check一下,什么都知道啦,没有秘密的啦!老婆更失控的呐喊:什么?online都能check到??!!!TNB员工看到那女人好像发神经似,害怕下,就说:其实你迟一个月而已,有些人还迟了6个月呢,没事的,你和老公商量下,然后到Kedai TNB settle吧。过后就快快跑掉了!她老公听了老婆的诉控,si bei 生气,隔天请了假到Kedai TNB去理论。老公一进到TNB就对着counter大喊:你们脑袋有什么问题?吃饱没事做啊?我老婆迟一个月你们也这么kai po在internet唱啊!!!你们家里老婆难道没有迟过啊?是不是要我出lawyer letter告你们啊???!!!!那个上门追数的TNB员工试着安慰发了疯的老公说:Mister,放轻松,放轻松,要settle其实很容易,只要给钱就是了.老公更生气:Nia bei,还要lim bei给钱???!!!没有,去死吧!!!TNB员工惟有说:这样的话,我们惟有切掉你的。。。。。老公瞪眼说:切掉我的???我以后用什么啊?????!!!!TNB员工非常有型的说:Mister,你以后惟有可以用蜡烛而已啦。。。。

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thanks for the funny pic

This few weeks really stressful and busy for me. The never ending research and EOS coming. Somemore I am struggling to learn the theory of orthopaedic. Dont really have time to revise and dont really know how to spend my time well.
However, was glad that i received this picture from my friend. ChillZ...~
Take a deep breath, close my eyes......and everything start brand new again. I dont know whether can I make it or not?
But lifess goes on rite?