Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post sleepless night.

This morning almost impossible for me to get up from bed for CP at 8am. I even think of skipping the CP, because I was so tired this I can feel the pain all over my body, the feeling is like after a Big Fight yesterday night........looking at my hp...showing 7:15am......sigh...exactly 3 hours i slept......reluctant to get up from bed.....but in the end I still got up and get ready to go hospital. I feel that I should not use tiredness as an excuse for me to skip CP. When I reached uni, I plan to have a cup of coffee as my last booster for my energy level...hopefully I can make it until after CP....and go back home and sleep. In the end I still go straight to the ward and waiting for Dato Shong because I dont want to be late. In the end, I waited in the ward for almost 1 hour.
The CP for today is the longest ever CP for me, althought it just lasted for 1 hour friends noticed that I keep rubbing my eye.....and sometimes my mind tend to shut down even thought I am listening the CP. After 2 case discussion, finally CP is over, but started to feel hungry...what a good timing....what should I do? eat or sleep ? Nvm, I will sleep after eat.....Followed a group of my friend to a coffee shop near by to hv lunch. Suddenly I feel very relief, because my case summary is done, my research is temporary done, and my CP has finished. Solving one problem after another.......Relief relief.......quite talkative during lunch time, sharing jokes with friend.....The feeling within me is just like I am finishing a major exam.......( In reality, EOS is just few weeks away, DAMN!!)
After lunch, I went back to student lounge and sleep. At first I thought I will sleep from 12pm to 4 pm. Who knows, I automatically woke up at 1pm, cant sleep!!!! Frus man....why? I am supposed to enter REM phase of sleep very fast, but once I got up, I can sleep anymore...DAMN~~!!!!!!!!!
Few hours before VC started, the only thing I can do is to study. Jeya is still typing his case summary in student lounge. Chien Hou is reading the topic for today...Hm, maybe I should read abit as well........feel thirsty.........probably because of lack of sleep causing me to be dehydrated. Order 1 water melon juice and start to study in Student lounge and waiting for VC to come.
After study for 1 and half hour, we ended up watching Astro. Lolss......Travel and Living on channel 703... "Bring Home Chef". One of my fav TV show...and Globe Tracker..showing a small town in Mexico called Maya. Since then I only realized that I really miss Astro in Penang....
VC was okay for me, at least I am not sleepy at all...surprisingly........Thomas, who also sleep almost same time as me yesterday, went out during VC and sleep outside sofa. But...I was still awake and alert.
Kind of weird, why am i not sleepy ???? And not stress at all....~~!! something must be wrong man.

Anyway, I would like to thank my coffee for keeping me awake this few nights. Coffee is the best beverage in the world, besides Green tea. :)

I think....I really time to start my engine to study.

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