Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy birthday Thomas.

Today is Thomas's birthday..lols....I accidentally saw it when I opened Facebook before I sleep last night. So today when i saw Jeya i asked him why they gonna celebrate for Thomas, who knowss....surprisingly.......One of his best friends in UNI, Jeya~~~ forgot about his birthday, he was so panic...and he keep saying :" shit shit shit..i forgot..." in front of me.

In the end, he decided to have a surprise party for Thomas. He asked me how should we surprise Thomas, well...I cant really think because first we are so busy for studying and classes and probably no one will come if there is any birthday party. So I told Jeya to call some friends for a simple lunch at Seremban 3 KFC. Well...actually I dont like fast food but.......since is my friend's birthday....dont care bout it..hoho..My plan was we split into 2 cars. Jeya and Thomas driving 1 car, Chien Hou and I was in another car. I told Thomas that I cant go with them because I need to go POS office to collect somthing. Actually Chien Hou and I dropped by a bakery shop nearby to buy a cake for him. I decided to buy 2...well....1 is a small piece of cake, only RM2:50. I bought 2 of those, and I bought another big coffee cake ( I dint know that is coffee) cost RM 33.00. We will give him a double surprise.

The birthday boy blowing the candles.

The first surprise in KFC, brought in the small cake with 2 candles. Sing a birthday song for him. He was so happy and kept on saying thank you to us, for organizing this. ( He dint know that there is still another big cake coming). So...after chit chatting in KFC, he thought everything is over. On the way back to uni, again..we forced him to follow other friend's car, becasue Chien Hou and I need to collect the big coffee cake from the shop and keep it inside Carpati Corner first. Yet I told him I need to go POS office now.

In uni, before VC starts, I told megala to went down and collect the cake when the VC finished. The rest of them trying to make him stay there...When everything is ready, everyone was waiting at an open space near the VC...He was talking to me, asking me to come over to his house because tonight his mum gonna cook a mutton curry (His fav food). I purposely walked towards to open space so he follow me...Suddenly, everyone start singing Birthday song...Double surprise...lols....too bad, I was too tired to sing along, just sit at the sofa waiting to eat the cake.

3 of my best friends in same posting. Chien Hou, the birthday boy, Hon Keong and me.

The bigger cake. Bought by me and Chien Hou

So surprise that I am the one who being called " Organizing chairman" for Thomas's surprise birthday mini party.....Because is usually his close friends who make it for him. But this time, is me................lols......Quite weird, even my close friend I never organize any of the surprise party for them, because I am suck at this kind of stuff. Maybe because of same subgroup in orthopaedic, I hv been mixing with him, Jeya and Chien Hou alots.....and they are nice people. :)
The first smaller cake :)

Anyway, happy birthday Keling!!! ( I am not racist but I just wanna make you pissed off because you dont like people calling you that..hehe)

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