Friday, July 17, 2009 in really finally..


We finally finally finally finished our research. Today after meeting our tutor and he went throught our research paper every page and make some correction. Yes.....We are the ONLY group havent pass up our research. After meeting with him, we quickly went back to library and made all corrections that he asked us to do. Finally.....he asked us to pass up our research. I ve been waiting him to say this 4 weeks ago.

However, the research is not really finish yet. Because he wanted to make it publish in journal and want us to present it in a medical conference. So after our sem 7 exam, we still need to continue doing it, making more corrections and making it a better research.

I survived again......within 3 days I only sleep for 10 hours. Damn, will i die faster? I hope not...I still want to help many people.

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