Sunday, July 5, 2009

Research ---> END

After so much time spent during the weekends...every weekend........not on studying but on doing research and stuff... After repeating correction must be done on my research, I finally finish my research today!!! Well, at least I have finished my part and waiting for my other group mates to complete their part and we can make it into 1 copy and pass it up by this friday. Phiew..~~~ I feel like a tonne of rocks have been removed from me after finishing my research. Damn, nice feeling. Yet, i still have a more important task to do..the EOS, i dint really study much on orthopaedic because i busy finishing up my research and preparing for my ortho presentation. Although my presentation only on the 4th week, I rather do it now so that I can concentrate on study during that time. my next task......I wonder I still have enough time since I started revision so late, but i really hope that is not too late.

After so many sleep deprived night, Thank you..Cappucino...~!!

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