Sunday, March 1, 2009


The sounds of rain droplets hitting on the road can be heard clearly from my room. Is sunday night..approaching 12am....It is the last day of my 2 weeks semester break. Tommorow onwards will be my first day of semester 7 (Semester with End of Semester Exam). Staying far away from family is not something happy or nice to talk about, but i think this is the only option. Starting tommorow i will keep on reminding myself that i must be more hardworking to make sure i do well for the exam on August, to make my family proud. Of course i will still miss my family far away from Seremban, keep in touch whenever possible. Tomorrow onwards will be a busy day for me. Being a leader for paediatric posting and involving in the orientation for juniors coming from Bukit Jalil. I hope can I can manage my time well during this semester. Of course relax is still very important and I hope I can spare some time doing the things I love. :) Good Night

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