Saturday, April 4, 2009

Down with flu

During the first week of Peads posting, one of bathmates started to get flu. Few days later, another one was also down with flu.....a week later, 3 of my friends having flu.........subsequently each of my friends got the flu one by one.

Before the posting, one of my seniors (Richard) warned me that must really take care of myself during the Paeds posting because most of us will get the virus from the kids. Must have enough sleep and rest and vitamin C. I dont quite believe in him at first, but during the posting, i really trust what he said......because i saw all of my friends either having sore throat or running nose.

I started to follow his advise, went to JUSCO bought Vitaman C 250mg. everyday before going to hospital, i will take 2 tablets and once i reached home from hospital, i will take another 2. Which means each day i consumed 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday.

In the end, i am the only "survival" in the Paediatric ward. The only one who never get sick throughout the posting. I was glad because i know my own health too well. I will remain healthy most of the time, but once i got gonna be a bad 1...i hardly get mild sickness.

Sadly, after my end of posting exam, i started to get sorethroat....later running started on thursday and until now i still having it~~ .....but lucikly i got it after the exam, and remained 100% healthy before the exam.

i hate to get sick !

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