Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday present for Desiree

Aiaiaiaiai...totally forgot about this.
Last week before I came back to Seremban, I went to Queensbay Mall with my family. As usual, they shop around at the baby section and they usually left me alone before meet up again for lunch. One place that I definetely will go everytime...........Borders bookshop, free book and magazine.
Suddenly I recall back what my 3 years old niece told me few days back.

Desiree: Gugu gugu (ps: gugu means uncle in hokkien, not like what you think)
Me: Yes...?
Desiree: Buy present for me...
Me: Why....?
Desiree: for my birthday...
Me: What you want for your present?
Desiree: I want "toi" , I want"toi" (she still cant pronounce toy properly)
Besides that she also likes to read, so no harm just have a quick look at the children section see whether i can find any book for her birthday.

Ha!! I found this.....

She likessssss penguinss.....Whenever she saw penguins in her fav Disney home or Disney house or Disney something house ( I always forgot the name of the channel), she will get very excited and keeps telling me penguins..

Of course I told my mum to keep it first, only give it to her on her birthday.

Hope she like it :)

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