Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!!!

5:06pm 31/12/08 is kind of weird that I still have to go work during new year eve. Because throughout my life i have never worked during the new year eve, but this year, i still have to go hospital and attend classes.

Year 2008 - This year is a special year for me. First start from the begining of the year, where I was busy thinking ways to take care of my uncle who has been admitted to the hospital. I visited him whenever I free. Bringing along my books, so that I can accompany him and study at the same time. My uncle aged 90 years old at that time, so I dont know how often I can accompany him so I decided to make good used of my time since I was having semester break at that time. I had several discussion with my cousins on how to rearrange his bed room and what medical equipment we can buy in order to make him feels comfortable when going home. We ended up buying a wheel chair, a hospital bed and rented a oxygen tanks for him and busy searching for home nurses. I considered myself very lucky because I have 2 weeks Semester Break after chinese new year before my new semester start. I tried to do revision as much as I can because the coming semester will be the final semester for Phase 1 where I will be sitting for End of Semester Exam. However, at the same time, I still able to enjoy my free time by jogging and went to eat something nice with my family. Taking care and talk with my uncle whenever I free.

New semester started, I went back KL for my final semester in Bukit Jalil. I never go back throughout the whole semester because the exam is getting nearer. I keep on telling myself that I must stay back at KL and study even though sometimes there was 1-2 days public holiday. However, I enjoyed most of my time in KL thanks to my cousin for allowing me to stay at her comfortable house and thanks to my friends who used to study with me in the library. We study together, stress together, joke together and most of the time lazy together.

Finally come to End of Semester at July. I still remember how stress I felt few weeks before the exam. Sometimes I was so tired until I feel like giving up, because the stress before exam was so intense for me that I cant study nicely. Luckily my mum and my sister always be my side to give me moral support.

During the night of exam, I still remembered Justin stayed over my house for 3 days and we studied together, because our time is at 8am the next day. Justin is the one that keep on sleeping on my bed while I tried to revise as much as possible before exam. I remembered I only sleep for 2 hours for the last 2 days of exam. I still remember my feeling during that night, which is stress + excitement, because I know that my exam is finishing soon.

Finally !!! I passed my EOS 5!!! Seremban here I come.!!!!!After almost 7 months of hard work I can finally go home happily and with pride. My uncle was very happy that I finally came back and visit him. I think no one can be more happier than me, because finally I did it!! I never dissapoint anyone.

Sadly, during the first day of my semester 6 in Seremban, my uncle passed away, due to aging. He is the only one besides my parents treat me like his own son. He looked after me since I was borned, and really take a very good care of me, bought me toys when I was small, bought me shoes when I entered university. Even until now, sometimes is hard to remind myself that he is no longer in this world, because he is always in my heart even until now. I know from that time onwards, there will be one person less in this world that will treat me so good. Thank you for treating me so well and teach me the correct way of life. I feel so sad that I dont have the chance to take photo with you during my graduation day in the future, but I promise that I will become a good doctor next time to treat the others. I will remember your teaching forever.

Currently, I have been studying in Seremban for 3 months. I am currently very happy with my life, learning new things in hospital everyday. Thank god that I am able to adapt myself so quickly in this new environment and new way of teaching. Studying in clinical school is much more fun compared to KL because i get the opportunity to talk to patients and learn from the doctors in the hospital. Basically, I prefer to learn in hospital compared to classroom.

Year 2009 - My new year resolution:

1) I hope I can be a better medical student in year 2009, to become a more competent than ever.

2) I hope I can pass my Semester 7 exam smoothly, and I promise I will be more hardworking in the year 2009.

3) I wish that my parents, my sister, brother in law, desiree and my all other relatives are well and healthy, free from suffering, happy always~!

4) I wish that I can adapt a more healthy lifestyle compared to year 2008.

5) Hope that my year 2009 will be happy all the time and everything will go smoothly.

Bye bye year 2008, you are my most memorable year throughout my life. Regardless of happy or sad moments.

Photo taken during year 2008.

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Chan said...

eh how come you got blog never tell me! oi I got study as well when I was at your place...remember one day we slept two hours only before exam at 8.30 am...good old days man.