Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a weekend!!

HoHoHo...!!! Finally Xmas is around the corner....I went to my friend's house in Klang to stay overnight for 1 day, and on Saturday I went down KL to do the stuff i used to do when i was in KL. First, i stayed overnight at my friend's house - THE PURPLE HOUSE...BECAUSE his house is purple in colour, but i quite like the friend's mother prepared dinner for us. The first step i stepped into the house, I felt that I already know them for quite some time, because the family are so friendly and gave me a warmth welcome at home, I thought of sleeping in my friend's room, but his mother prepared another room for me...A room for my own, Oh my god~~i dont know what to say, because I dont expect this...~ after i took a shower, is time for dinner, and the food was really good....Finally i have the chance to enjoy home-cooking. It has been a while where I never taste any home-cooking meal outside Penang, what a nice feeling at home...although is not my house..but i felt i already stayed there for quite some time. Basically all the family members are very friendly.

The second day i went to try something where everyone must try when come to Klang : THE BAK KUT TEH!!!! BAK KUT TEH is actually my fav....especially during rainny day...and hot concentrated herba sup with meat...with a pot of hot chinese tea.....HEAVEN man...oh my god..~~~

The Klang Famous - BAK KUT TEH-

Only in Klang - Dry Version- ( Highly recommended)

The bak kut teh in Klang is slightly different from Penang's bak kut teh:

1) The Klang bak kut teh do not have MEAT BALL.

2) The Klang bak kut teh have dry version.

3) The Klang bak kut teh soup is more concentrated, fulled of herba taste.

(Our Breakfast + Dinner)

On saturday, I went back to KL using KTM. The only place i visit was Suria KLCC. The place i used to hang out whenever free because of 2 places : San Francisco Coffee & KINOKUNIYA Book Store. I spent almost 2 hours sitting in San Francisco Coffee reading newspaper with my fav Mo' Mocha. Wow..~ is nice to come back here...i miss this place!!!! This is the place i used study when i was staying in KL because they make nice coffee and newspaper and comfortable seat. Of cause, when I am not studying I will also visit this place to read my fav story book or newspaper. I also went to the book store, is my habit to visit the bookstore everytime after the exam, and most of the time, my habit to buy a new book after exam. Dont get be afraid, I am not a nerb, I used to visit bookstore to read my fav book, NOT TEXTBOOK!!! I bought a book called "Comfortable with Uncertainty". Is a book teaches you how to face uncertainty in our life, how to face the reality. I think is good if I read the book because during my daily life, I tend to worry of something which will happen in my life - UNCERTAINTY. Although i prefer thriller books,autobiography,friction, but I dont think I will have time to read it because my surgery posting starting on Monday, so I choose something light, relaxing instead of something exciting. I also went for movie alone, a movie called "IP MAN". A story about the Chinese Grandmaster who created a martial art called " Wing Chun." Starring Donnie Yan. Is a nice movie. A movie that contains laugh,emotion,sadness and excitement.

On Sunday, I went to visit my FAV SUSHI KING!!! I have been eating good food these 2 days. After eating sushi king I just hang around MPH to look for any good book for me to read. So that I can include it in a list of my wanted book. At 3pm, I finally return to Bukit Jalil where my friend fetch me before we come back to Seremban.

It has been a happening and nice weekend for me. Honestly, I cant remember how long I never enjoy in such a way in my life. Well, although I dont think I did well for exam, but finally I feel glad that it's over, I think is good for me to relax and enjoy my weekend before the next posting start - SURGERY

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