Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Way of Teaching Children

Today I went to TESCO with my friend to buy grocery....Well you know....End of Month, food storage in the house also getting lesser and lesser....Is time to restore my food..!!!! Well, buying food or TESCO is not something I want talk about this time. Is the incidence that I saw in TESCO that makes me discover something important in life.

I was standing at the bread section to buy bread..while at the same time, my friend went to get a trolley. I saw a family of 4, consists of father,mother,brother about 6 yr old and sister 4-5 yr old...they were just standing beside me.Well, at first I dint pay much attention on them. Suddenly, I heard somone screaming...!!!! I turned towards the direction where the sound came from, I only realised that is the mother that screaming at the daughter...the second word that I heard came out from her mouth was.. :" SIAO AR YOU !!!!!!!" which means " CRAZY AR YOU!!!!" well....a bit shocked to hear something like that from a mother...I still focus my sight on that family.....i only know that actually is the daughter that squeezed the bread in the trolley. " WHY YOU WANNA DO THIS". -end of story-

Well....let me asked you 1 question..............what if..........few years later, the girl scold back the mother :" SIAO AR YOU!!!!!" ....what would you think? Well, maybe the mother will gives her daughter a good slap on the face....~ Correct? How could a girl scold a mother crazy.....but if they remember the incident the mother that scolded the daughter crazy in the public at first...well, why if a daughter scold her mother everyone would think is wrong....? Why no one will say the mother wrong if she scold her daughter crazy..that is not fair...~ I am not talking about fairness here, I just wanna say that , a lot of time..when we trying to say someone is wrong, try to ask yourself whether did you make the same mistake..

As a parent, it is not only important to give their children is not enough...The last and the most important is to show them the correct way of behaving, talking, dealing with other people..a proper manner. How a child learn by the way, actually they learn by observing what we adult do we turn on a TV, how we brush our teeth, how we wash our face, how we use fock and spoon....and HOW WE BEHAVE ~!!!! and from who usually they will learn with???? Parents......why??? because most of the child spend most of the time with their parents at home. It is quite naive but it is true that most of the child would think that what their parents did was always correct, so they have no doubt in questioning the way they behave or the way they talk. So in order to teach your child properly, it is not telling them that :" you shouldnt do this, you shouldnt do that." it is by showing them the correct way of behaving and must set a good role for them. Because they will follow you when they grow up. Just like a kid who smokes...I wont be surprised to find out that actually one of their parents also smoking at home. Because they set a bad example for their child. Just imagine a doctor trying to convince a patient to stop smoking......if the doctor himself also smoking, do you think his advise will be convinsing?

Well, how to teach a proper child. I generally do not agree that scolding a child is a good way of teaching them, in fact we need to let them know what mistake they have done. Back to the incident, why not the mother correct her mistake by telling her politely for example :" you shouldnt do this." instead of asking :" why you wanna do this" . Instead of scolding her crazy.......why not the mother explain to her daughter that squeezing a bread is wrong because other people would like to eat a proper bread, not a bread that already being squeezed. By scolding her daughter crazy, the daughter will remember in her mind that ( crazy is actually a word used to scold people who made a mistake) so she indirectly learn form her mother and I wont be surprised if next time her daughter scold somone crazy.

I hope I can talk more on this topic.....sadly, i need more time to study..well, I think I will continue next time when I am free.~

Another good example: If you want your children respect you and treat you nicely, you must do the same thing to thier grandparents first.

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