Monday, November 17, 2008

War Zone

STRESSSS!!!! STRESSSSS!!!! STRESSSS!!! Nowadays I dont know what's is going on with me...Either the time really fly, or my time management skills deteriorated. Besides busy catching up the things that taught in the class, my CSCF (Community and Family Case Study), my TBL( Task Based Lerning) presentaion, my Research project. I basically dont have time to study my books. Last time, i used to read a lot when studying in KL. Where i can easily finish reading 5 diseases in one day. Now, i only manage to read average 1 disease every night. At most i can finish reading two disease. (If I manage to finish reading 2 diseases, I considered it as a productive day, If I manage to finish 3 diseases, I would go dance around Seremban!!!!) In addition, my group have been in big trouble recently, many professional issues and learning attitude issues being questioned by most of the lecturers. Sigh, I hope those people who made a mistake know it, so that they wont bring anymore trouble to our group, being scolded by lecturers and being hated. things are messing up in my life. Feel damn tired yet I am helpless, some of my friends dont take the assignment seriously, what can I do????? But i will be affected as well because we are in a same group. Sigh, suddenly I miss Penang, Seremban for me....................IS JUST A WAR ZONE.

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