Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Parents - PART I

Talking about the word "Parents" I really like to know we should define the word “Parents”. Parents meaning someone who we called them just father and mother? Parents meaning those who gave birth to us? Well, I really hope that I can find the correct answer.

When I was born, when I was totally incompatible with life if without my parents, when I still don’t know how to look for foods or even put the foods into the mouth myself, when I was sick, when I was sad, when I was hurt, I remember that my parents are the first one that come to me.

When I was a small baby, my parents woke up 3-4 times in one night to feed me milk, just to make sure that I am not hungry.

When I was sick, they are the one who suffer together with me. They will deprived themselves from sleep by waking up 3-4 times in one night, sometimes they dont even have a good night sleep, just to take care of me, stay awake all night and wake me up to give me medicine in the middle of the night. Drive me to clinic to see doctor in the middle of the night if I vomited. They will be very worried if I sick, and they will continue deprived themselves from sleep and worried until I was fully recovered.

When I was 3 years old, I accidentally stepped on a dead bee with the poisonous sting on it and hurts my leg, my mother is the first one who carried me up and took out the sting for me.

When I was 5 years old hits by a motorcycle on the street, both my parents quickly rush me to the Clinic because I was shocked after being hit by the motorcyclist.

I was very weak when I was a small kid and my guts can hardly tolerate after drinking milk, and I used to have diarrhea after drinking milk, my parents spent large amount of money to bring me to see many doctors to treat me. One of the doctors told my parents that I could hardly tolerate any milk so they may need to buy special milk, which is more expensive. My parents bought the milk for me even thought we were not very rich that moment, just to make sure that I could grow like a normal kids.

When I was 6-9 years old, my parents would bring me to go play around in the park, play badminton, play water, play tennis in the park, bring me eat Mcdonald’s, KFC, bring me go playground to play together. Whatever I wanted to buy, which most of the time influenced by my friends in school, if it is within their affordable range and if they think will not cause harm to me, they will try their best to buy it for me.

When I first entered primary school, my mother will prepare a lunch box for me to bring to school, to make sure that I have a healthy and delicious food to eat. She would make sure that I have enough food to eat everyday by preparing lunch for me before going to school and everytime I came back from school, the dinner was ready on the table.

I was being forced to go tuition during primary school. When I was in primary school, sometimes we do not have transport so my mother walked together with me to the tuition centre, underneath the hot sun, walk along the street, taking taxi, taking bus, in order to send me to the tuition centre, she will wait me outside the tuition centre for 2 hours before she walked me back home again.

Every year during Chinese New Year, my mum would make new clothes for me, sometimes both of my parents bring me to the shopping complex to buy new clothes, to make sure that I have nice clothes.

During secondary school, in order to make earn income for home, my mother helped the family babysitting children to gain more money for home. Sometimes, the baby woke up in the middle of the night crying non-stop and my mother was forced to wake up at night to take care of the baby. Sometimes, she hardly sleeps more than 4 hours in one night because taking care of the baby. I was awakened by the crying sound every time the baby cried but I pretend I was still sleeping, so I know how much time my mother sleep during that period.

When I was studying secondary school, I used to go out with friends until 4-5 am in the morning, maybe because during that time “peer pressure” within me, my mum would wait for me to come back by sleeping in the living room.

Even now, I am a university student, everytime I went back to Penang, my mother would surely asks what I want to eat, because she knows that I like her cooking. She will go to the market everyday I went back in my hometown, she will buy fishes, prawns and craps back home from the market, and cook for me. Just because she knows that, I love to eat those foods !!! She would spent whole day in the kitchen, cutting vegetables, frying chicken, cooking soup, cleaning the fish. Most of the most she will cook until sweat all over the body, everytime I told her told her that she no need to be so busy and we can easily go out and buy dinner back home, but she replied me that she enjoy cooking for her son ( L so touch!!).

When I coming back from hometown, she will surely buy a lot of dried food, like biscuits, cookies, fruits, BRAND’s, Vitamin, Milk, Milo, Oat and packed it nicely within a big bag for me to bring home. Just to make sure that I have something to eat back there.


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Doreen Cheah said...

You should at least let people know, who is the baby in the picture!!!!