Sunday, November 2, 2008

My reason to start blogging.

Well..well, here am I again!!!!! Since I stop blogging for 1 year, now I am here with a brand new blog. Everytime I look at my friend's blog, I really wonder, why some people so fond in spending 1-2 hours sitting in front of their PC and typing down what they've done today, where have they been today, what did they eat today.......Why dont just keep the feeling among ourselves?? Well, maybe their reason are same as mine. The reason for me to start this blog is I hope that I can write down everyhing I that I saw in the hospital, what I learned from my patients, what the patients taught me, my life as a medical student in Seremban, my desire to become a good doctor in the future. I would also like to write about my social life, life with my family member, my girlfriend, my friend, my lecturer, BASICALLY everyone that appears in my life. Each of us have our own life, I am sure you have yours too. Each of us will feel that our life is the most unique and most colourful for ourselves. Well, I hope I could write down all my feeling in the my daily activities, my experiences during the process of growing up to become a man. Because I know I will grow old 1 day and my memory will sure deteriorate, so I wish that I hace written something here so that next time when i'm old, when I maybe even cant recall where I stay and what is my name, I can remember the all the colourful events AND all the stepping stones in my life by reading this.

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