Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Internal Medicine Results!!

Finally today we got our End of Posting (EOP) result, I only managed to get "B" for my Internal Medicine. SOB SOB T.T , a bit dissapointed...because i have tried my best to do everything very well. All my presentation, my on call report, case summary, case report. I personally think that i did quite well during the exam, because I only unable to answer 1 question asked by the examiner. She is also quite happy and satisfied with my case report and case summary. She told me that I currently doing quite well and ask me to keep it up, so I sort of expecting my result to be slightly higher. But sad to say that, I only got "B". Some of my friend told me that because my examiner this time is one of the most strict examiner in IMU, but I think no matter how strict she can be, as long as i managed to answer the questions correctly, I should be given credit.
Though I am a bit dissapointed, but I dont think this will kill off my desire to learn in medicine. My primary objective is to become a good and caring doctor next time, not a doctor who can only passed all the exam with distiction. Although i must admit that getting distinction in exam is a good thing for everyone, but if I got just average, I dont think it will stop me from doing what I want. I want to be a good doctor in the future!! not only a good medical student.

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