Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 day in KL

Since my end of posting exam is over, I decided to drive down KL for 1 day to have a relaxing weekend before my next posting starts and before my final exam. I decided to meet up with my cousin who I never contact since chinese new year. For me, as a relatives or family members,no matter how busy we are, I think it is important still spend some time meeting them. It is unacceptable if we use "busy" as an excuse not to meet up with relatives. If we persistently adapt that kind of thinking, then we will never be able to find a free time for talk. Without us realizing it, our relationship will tend to become further and further. Worst still, because we never meet frequently, our generation will not know each other in the future. Sad to say sometimes if my son walk passed his son but both of them dont know each other.

Therefore, i call my cousin for lunch during saturday noon. I was glad that besides his business schedule as a boss in a company, he still spend time having lunch with me. I know he is a very busy man because sometimes he still made multiple phone call during the weekend. He came and pick me up at THE CURVE and we had lunch at THE WOK NYONYA FOOD in Kota Damansara. Hahaha....actually THE WOK originated from Penang. I was quite surprising to hear from him that there is a new branch in Damansara, since for quite some time i never went back penang, so is he...........we decided to try "penang" food in KL.

Surprisingly, it tastes like penang food..not bad....we ordered 1 curry fish, 1 fried vege, 1 lobak and 1 cendol.....Penang famous cendol..... Later we had a good talk at Starbucks.

Later on, he dropped me back in The curve and I hang around there for few hours before i come back to Seremban. I went to all the bookshop to browse for book.....sigh, it has been a while i never read a good book. I dint mean textbook...but those books like mysteries, thriller, friction. Hopefully after exam, i can start reading like last time. Reading is one of my hobbies :)

After a stressful period in studies and work.......talking with them can temporarily release my stress away. We used to exchange life experience....about life, work, family, hobby etc etc. For me, it was a very productive weekend in KL because i can throw everything off my mind for 1 day. Monday onwards, I will be restarting my engine and work all the way to final exam.

I hope that I can meet up with my cousin, uncle and aunty and hv a nice talk with them after my exam, :)

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