Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Othopaedics!!

Today is the first day of my new posting !! Orthopaedic.... is also my last posting before my first professional exam :(

We were given a brief introduction on overview of the posting by Dr. Naveed. Today basically just everything about introduction. As we all still quite lost in Orthopaedic.

Well, I still miss my previous posting thought....Honestly, not many people like psychiatric which i dont understand why?

Is nice to talk to psych patient, to know about their stressful life event, their family and cultural background. It was interesting to know how they will end up in psychiatric ward. Because everyone is unique and within everyone there will be a sad story in lfe.

But i am looking forward to Orthopaedic. Because i love to look at X-ray :)

Is it true that most guys will fall in love with Orthopaedic?

Well, i will know the answer in 5 weeks time.

Anyway, tomorrow i have my first case presentation at 8am. Need to get up early -_-"

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