Thursday, November 5, 2009

Futsal champions!!

Yes.....In the end we won the futsal competition. Champions for the first time. Yesterday was tough for all of us, because all the team were very strong, but we have proved to them that we are a dangerous team as well. Everyone played so well, especially Ivan, Chien Hou and Faiz. So proud to be in the same team with them. but bad news...I injured myself again, first it was a sliding tackle just to block a shot, i sustained abrasion wound all over my right shin and right knee. Second injury was caused by my good teammate....Ivan, while we were warming up before the final match...Blunder....~~ but nvm,, at least i scored 2 goals with my new shoes.... =)

vs sem 9 : 4-1
vs sem 6 : 5-4
vs sem 7 : 4-1

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