Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tiring Futsal

Yesterday we played futsal again, 2 days before the futsal event. Yesterday was the most tiring futsal I've ever played so far in Seremban. Everyone seems to be working so hard, running all over the court and fighting for ball. During the break, Nikram and I were sitting on the bench discussing about how we should play on wednesday. Although is just a small event, but we all hope we can win something. We won third place in IMU Cup 2 years ago as a team, I hope we can do the same again for this time. ;)

I was severely dehydrated yesterday. I myself finished 2 cans of Excel, 1 can of 100 PLUS and 1 castrol isotonic drink......................bluuuueeeeerk.....fluid overload....Danny Ferns told me that he will jump to his bed straight after futsal because he was too tired to do anything, I still laugh at him and tease him.....who knows when I went back home after futsal, i bath and off to my bed as well....Officially KO....damn...I dint know I was that tired..

This morning when I woke up I have muscle ache all over my body.. @@

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