Sunday, November 22, 2009


The world won't stop spinning just because something is bothering you, life goes on. How bad you feel, how deep the wound, how miserable you think the situation is...You have to know how to go around the world, not VICE VERSA.
Sometimes we are really helpless, without our inner compass, we dont know where to do, dont know how to handle. Whats next?? Listen to your heart???? Not always...your heart cant "think" wisely. Sometimes, you already know what you want in your life, but you have to give it up. Reality always come after dream, but dream will not always lead you to reality. How nice if we can remained as kid, just do anything we wanted to, just follow our heart. Now, as we grow older, things changed, thats the dark side. Many people just dream without action, actually I am just one of them.

Sometimes it is better to hurt yourself than hurting people around you. ;)

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