Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anger and Frustrated

People always used to said :" this is life"...What exactly life means to you? and how exactly life means to you ? how do you treat your life? how do you live your life? this that the life you want?

Following the traumatic exam i had last 2 weeks, i now realized that life is really uncertain. You will not know what will happen next moment of your life. You can win a lottery, you can ended up in accident, you can get hurt, get murdered, get promoted, get sacked. .....Few months ago, I still manage to score and did well in exam, everything looks okay for me. My future looks bright..Suddenly, now...i dont even know i will get through semester 7. I have a low self confident all the time. I think my confident only come when the i am in that situation, for example night before exam, that's the only time when my confident come and i can tell everyone that:" just bring it on, i am full of confident."

I dont like people to worry me or pitty me. Last few weeks, i looked into someone eyes and expression makes me feel that she is pittying me because of my exam. I admit that I am sad and depressed recently because i dint do well in exam. I swear that I am die trying to become back myself. Now, my mind is full of anger, depressed, frustration......not because i angry at someone, is just i am angry why i got into this kind of situation..... I thank some of my friends who concern about me. I know what am i going to do. I dont know whether i can be successful or not. But the important thing in this life is you must try.

For those who looked down on me, for those who kesian me. You all watch out, i will show you my true potential very soon.

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