Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blame the double helix.

Today when i first reached uni, i walked pass through the usual way i took to the library. But when i passed through a class room, i saw Dr Elango teaching inside, with some of student sitting in front of him. I feel weird because the classroom was so dark. I cant really see Dr. Elango's face but based on the voices and his body figure i can roughly know who is he. Why is he teaching in the dark? Probably he teaching how to see a fundoscope, so they switch off the light. When i reached the lift, i cant see any digital number on the lift. ( The lift is not working) i guess. Damn, what happened?

I walked up the first floor, i realized that only the exit light was on. Basically it was dark, i only realized that was no electricity in IMU. Some of the people told me that whole Seremban was affected. I see.............Later, some of the people told me that the WHOLE MALAYSIA was affected... OMG!!!!! What is going on right now? Some alien finally start destroying the earth and cut down the electric supply?
During 8:45pm

During 9:15am

The class was cancel today. Because it is quite impossible for us to have class without electricity. We need power point presentation. Some of my friends start complaining about the weather. Some cant sit still......Some never even want to step in the classroom. Since i cant study, i spent some time talking with some of my friend in the dark. It was fun....

The lesson i learned today was that...sometimes...teachnology is so advanced that we human are too dependent on it. Last time during our ancestor life, they would have survive everyday without even a fan. Now, all of us are so used to aircon....We have a functioning impairment and cognitive impairment without electricity. So their genes better or ours?

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