Sunday, May 31, 2009

A happy day for my family

Today is a very happy and important day for my family.

Especially for my sister and brother in law.

Because my sister has successfully delivered a baby girl for the second time.


A warm welcome to this new baby girl who is part of our family now.

Hopefully everyone in the family will be happy. Dont be like me.

I wont be seeing my new niece until August. Hopefully i can go back happily and meet her after my exam.

Just now i went up a hill near my house. I went up for the first time last week. I feel that it was actually quite a nice place up there. So i decided to go again today. After study for few hours, I started at around 5:15pm and came back down at 6pm. It was really a very nice place. I feel sometimes is good to go up there and relax, enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the scenary of seremban. When u looking at the houses and the cars from above, you will feel that actually the world is just a very small place. Just depends on from where you are looking at it. Now, i am looking from the top.
Although the process of going up the hill was very suffering. My leg was aching and i was tired. I am not moutain climbing type of person. But once i reached up the top of the hill. The feeling was fantastic. I learned a lession from there, sometimes, whenever what are we doing in life, the process can very hard and suffering, but once you reached the top, all your effort will not be wasted. So dont give up! Hopefully, climbing hill theory is also applicable in my life.

The view from the top.

The way to the top

Finally i reaching the top

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Chan said...

your house is on the hill?? didn't know that dude. anyway holiday..if you go bakc penang, tell me k, i wana go to, that's if you aren't too busy, I know you fellas heavy schedules