Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally I passed.

In the end, I passed my Semester 7 exam.

I've been through the longest 4 hours in my life while waiting for the results, but i feels glad that finally I passed the exam and never dissapoint anyone.

The first person I wanted to thank is my girlfriend, Ying Hooi. She has been very supportive since the begining. During my most difficult time in Semester 7, she stays close with me. She always text me message to remind me to take lunch and dinner when I was busy. Every morning before exam, she will send me a good luck message to cheer me up.

The second people I wanted to thank is my parents and my sister. Thanks to my parents for giving me this opportunity to fulfill my dream, and thank you for all the encouragement before exam. Thank you sister for sms with me until late at night, and thank you for all the words of wisdom and encouragement that keeps me going, and thank you for giving me a good example how to be a good son and good student.

Then, I also wanted to thank to all my friends, thank to my IMU friends, you guys let me realised that I am not alone, thanks. Thanks for chatting with me in msn at early morning 3-4am to keep me awake, thanks for chatting with me during a short break after long hours of studying. Thank you for those who call me and wake me up to study at early morning. Thank you to my housemate for staying up together late at night to study. Thank you for practicing clinical skills together. Thank you for all the encouragement from you guys.

Even thought I passed, I still dont feel as happy as I expected to be. Because some people from our batch who dint make it thru. :( sigh..... Somemore they are my friends who I used to play together. That must be like a disaster for them, because I cant imagine if I happened to be one of them, but I will pray for them, hope they can recover as soon as possible and be strong and continue fighting. In the end, all M106 from IMU Bukit Jalil will become doctor in one day. No one left behind.

NB: Yesterday while waiting for results I saw Nikram, guess what he told me yesterday?

Nikram: I saw Dr Shane that day.

Me : so...............?

Nikram: He said we need to continue on our research during Semester 8 to make it better, because he is going to make it publish in journal.

Me : Okie.............................. ( I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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