Friday, August 21, 2009

Tmr is the day.

Is 1:19 AM now, so happened that my birthday falls on January 19..LoL. Random....

I'm suppose to drive back Serembam from KL few hours later, to get my End of Semester 7 results, but I dont feel tired and sleepy yet. I dont feel like sleeping. Perhaps I I hope I can enjoy the remaining period of my time before tmr. After tmr maybe my life will undergoes a drastic change. I'm not sure, so I hope tonight will be longer. I hope tmr will never come, because I dont want it to come.

Surfing facebook, a lots of people posted on their wall about tmr. Tmr is a very important day for all of us, the whole batch. Because tmr might be the last day we are in the same batch. :(

Whatever it is, Kean Seng is still the same. Nothing has changed.

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