Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye bye holiday..

Holiday for this semester is ending in 5 mins. This holiday just like a blink of eyes, passed without noticed. Throughout the 8 days of holiday, 7 days were rainy day. Forget about enjoying the sunset and beach at Batu Ferringhi, no outdoor football with friends. I hardly see any shinny day in Penang. However, it is always nice to rain during nightime, especially before you sleep. The sound of rain droplets hitting the roof, it just makes you feel more comfortable at home, from the cold rainny day outside, with a cup of Starbuck Black coffee and a story book really makes it a perfect night :) with the blanket covering most of your body, trying to figure out who is the murderer from the a raining night....fantastic man.

Still reading.

I still managed to jog for 3 times and gets to play futsal with my teammates in Penang. Glad that some of them came back for Merdeka holiday. I watched a couple of DVD bought from 1-stop and BJ complex. Watching Astro channel such as AXN (CSI and House), Asean food channel, Travel and Living, Hallmark, Animal Planet and Discovery channel were also my fav during holiday.

The most important thing during the holiday was spending time with my family. I finally met my second niece, Deslyn, she has a pair of big eyes and fair skin. I think she is prettier than her sister, Desiree. She looks just like her mother. She likes to make bubbles with saliva, which i think is cute for a few months old baby, and she will starts saying" Auu gu..Auu gu...." when you are playing with her, very adorable. She is gonna be very cute and pretty next time. I hope I can spend more time with her.

Well, tommorow is a brand new semester, a new begining. 1 week enough or not? definetely not enough, but I think most of us are getting used to it. Medical student usually has lesser holiday. Or I shall say IMU student usually has lesser holiday, usually 1 or 2 weeks of break in between semester. Well, I think is time to move on and start learning new things, gaining new knowledge.

Honestly, even thought I miss my holiday, I miss the hospital as well. I miss being in the ward, spending time with patients. Looking forward to Emergency Medicine, my fav posting.

Subway's Turkey Breast Sandwish

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