Sunday, August 23, 2009

Journey to the North

Finally, Kean Seng is coming home.

Is always feel good when coming back home after staying far away. The feeling I am having now is just like returning back from World War II. Finally the "war" is over. Is time to come back to relax and refresh.

What a good Sunday morning, I started my journey at 7:30am. The highway is still empty, only 1 or 2 cars on the road, maybe most of the people sleeping late on Saturday night, now still sleeping at home. I expect more cars because school holiday has started. It is a cloudy Sundy, I can see heavy and dark clouds all over the sky, some only reach the middle of the hill. Where is the sun? Cloudy Sunday.

The highway - empty

The journey will be perfect if my car radio is working. Damn, I can't listen to any song or radio...~ Can imagine how quiet is that?! Lucikly I recharge my MP3 the night before that. I nicely put on the ear plug and pressed the "ON" button, at first I can see the light is on and there are words coming out from the screen, then when I press "PLAY"...........Nothing changed, when I press " NEXT or "PREVIOUS"...Nothing changed....I adjust the volume..NOTHING CHANGED AS WELL~!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! Damn man, how am I suppose to drive back without any song?? The lesson is............Never never never buy anything from China anymore. If you bought it, dont expect it to lasts longer than 2 years. I asked my sister to buy this when she went to China for work. It costs me RM210.00, and I dint even use it more than 30 times.

In the end...................

Yup.....My laptop.

But the battery also only lasted for 35 mins. Sigh....

So what to do.....No music...while driving, dreaming looor. I recall all the things that happened during semester 6 and semester 7. From moving into our first house in Aukland, cleaning house together with my housemate. Later was forced to move house again to Bukit Kepayang. Trying hard to adapt to clinical school life. Until semester 7, my most difficult time ever. With the average sleep of 4 hours per day during Obstetric posting and the difficult period during Study break and End of semester exam. Everything seems like a dream to me.

Its finally rain when I reached Tapah, initially not a very heavy one, but the rain gets heavier when I reaches Ipoh. Is okay, no rush..........I take my time to drive, since exam is over, be a good boy, driving at only 90 km/hour. Think of your love one.

I only stop twice in between the highway. First one at Simpang Pulai, where I stop at the Petronas to buy my breakfast. Never had my breakfast yet. Another stop at Alor Pongsu for toilet.

When I almost reached Penang, the rain gets heavy....I can barely see anything 10m from me. My car's wiper was on highest speed. When I was on Penang bridge, I can see the island at all~~ What happened to Penang?!! is it normal to rain so heavily in Penang ?? Suddenly 1 movie flash through my mind, <2012>.....

Heavy rain - Dangerous Driving

Heavy rain -Dangerous Driving (using handphone)

I miss my bed..~!!!!!!!!


Chan said...

told you d dun drive that day..never listen to day weather sunny whole day man.

KS Cheah said...

sorry GOD....sorry..