Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 Shall we make a wish?

09/09/09, make a wish?

My friend told me that if you make a wish at 12am at 09/09/09, your dream will definetely come true.

I dont have any wish right now, so I hope I can wish for other people in my life.

My 9-wish list:
1) I wish my parents in good health condition for many many years to come.
2) I wish my sister and my brother in-law a happy family with their daugther, son in the making.
3) I wish desiree and deslyn will healthy always and become a good girl in the future.
4) I wish those of my friends who are still single, will find someone soon.
5) I wish those of my friends who is in relationship right now, will happy and lasts forever.
6) I wish that he can recover from this tragedy and gets his feet up again and be strong again in life, free from financial problem.
7) I wish she can find somone she love and can take care of her forever.
8) I wish that he can be accepted by people in uni, no more hatress.
9) I wish Justin will become a famous consultant next time and start practicing 검무 every night ( this is the most simple I can think of , peng you.)

If only one wish is allowed, then I wish all living things in this world will have a good night sleep at least for tonight, free from suffering, free from hunger, free from danger.


Anonymous said...

Those are very noble wishes, my friend. Wishes however, are like fairy tales. Nice to read, never real. You wish for acceptance, that is assuming he is not a pompous asshole that everybody loves to hate. You wish for the singles, that is assuming relationship guarantees showers of happiness and fa-la-las. You wish for her a soulmate, that is assuming she hasn't been a queen of diamonds, rather than the queen of hearts. You wish for an eutopia. Now that you've made all those wishes, pat yourself on the back, wait until twelve, and let the blue fairy take care of the rest. Two hands working gets more work done that a million clasped in prayer, or wishing upon a pretty date.

Chan said...

thanks man...someday we will be at an international conference wearing our expensive jackets...then change into shorts at night and go yumcha haha