Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hates the feeling of insomnia. I went to bed at 12:50am but now is already 2:50am....I still cant fall asleep. I took some black coffee hours earlier but this shouldnt affects me, I thought I have immuned to the effect of tend to think about many things when you are alone at night, or early in the morning......My jogging plan is still on, never ever skip jogging.

Tmr onwards I should be busy doing my research. "IMU Research Day" research tutor is interested in joining the competition, although all of our group members not very keen on joining the competition, who cares who is the winner.....but what to do....the tutor said yes, we must follow. Worst still, with 2 of our group members on selective and elective holiday, only me and Nikram doing the job. Anyway, I rather be busy all the time.....keeps my mind occupied, keeps other things aside. Tmr I probably will go jogging in the morning and doing my research and EBM the rest of the day. Thursday night I will be joining my friends for futsal at Billion. I went to my primary school gathering at sunset bistro in Batu Ferringhi yesterday, but all of us (guys only) will be going out again, most likely steamboat dinner (and guys talk) before I go back.

Another friendly football match on Sunday morning, and that's it....GP posting on the following week.

What else can I do at this time? 2:54am......

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