Monday, September 21, 2009

Owen-Simply the best

Owen to the rescue at 96th minutes. "Alex, you should reconsider about keeping Owen on the bench."

ago, you were one of the most dangerous strikers in the world. Being the youngest English player in the World Cup history and scoring a fantastic goal against Argentina. Since we started playing and watching football in primary school, we keep hearing the commentator yelling your name once you scored. The crowd keep singing your name while you were playing. People wearing jersey with your name everywhere. Even thought you were playing for our rival, and always score against us,but we still love you.

11 years now, you may not as fast as when you were 19 years old. You may not score as often as last time. We all know that you had a bad season in Madrid and Newcastle. We know that injuries keep you out of the field for long period of time. The football fans keep talking about Benzema, C.Ronaldo, Drogba or Torres nowadays, but we are still living in the world of Michael Owen.

Once the match against Manchester City started yesternight, we were dissapointed again that they keep you on the bench again, we were hoping that you will play during the second half. Everytime M.C. score against us, we were very upset, frustrated and get impatient to see you back in the field. Trust me......If we were in the Old Trafford last night, we will run towards Alex Ferguson to beg him. Finally at 82nd minutes, we saw you taking down your jacket and walking down from the subsitution bench, that's it.....~~ we hope that you will score winning goal for M.U.

Sadly near the end of the match, MC players were holding the ball very well. Injury time approaching, but we still holding on with our wish..........We wish that you will score the winning goal, to prove to everyone that you are still a dangerous striker. Is just like a kid wish that he can play with the stars on the sky.....with the injury time approaching 5 minutes, we know that in reality it is quite impossible.

Out of sudden, we saw you standing at unmarked position and you were holding the ball...the next thing we saw was the ball is already in the net.. "Yes..~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoooooo~~~~!!!" you really score~~~ and is a winning goal......we were the loudest when you score...

People and the press may try to write you off nowadays, but we will still support you. Yesterday was one of the greatest MU match in my life. We all very happy because MU won the derby, but we even more happier because you are the one who make it happened. Owen, simply the best.

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