Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recycle and Reuse

Yes, It has been quite some time (approximately 1 year) since we cleaned our house. The dirtiest part of the house was supposed to be the cleaniest place, the Kitchen, this is unacceptable...~!! However, no one should be blamed because most of us were quite busy during the weekdays(on call, seminar, TBL preparation, case presentation, IMS, research, case reports, case summaries and all that stuff....) and weekend was the only period of time for us to revise all the things that we learned during weekdays.
Besides cleaning the house, I recollect the empty soft drink bottles that were being left on the floor for the past 1 year, wash it with water and left it in 1 corner of the house. So that I can bring back to Penang for recycling. Recently I chose recycling as one of my hobbies, because I think it is something useful and do good to our earth.
The word "Recycle" came to my attention 2 year ago. I received a call from my lecturer in KDU, Mr Low. He is in his 40s, a very friendly guy who taught us Maths in A-Level. He is a vegetarian. During college time, we used to join him for lunch in a vegetarian shop nearby our college. Because of him, our college has this so called "vegetarian" day during the 1st day and the 15th day of the chinese month. The famous "tsu zhi/charity" located near our college (not that Penang is very big anyway, everything is so near). The tsu zhi will provide lunch catering during the 1st and the 15th day of the month, each lunch box costs RM3.50. All the money received from the food catering will be donated for charity. For example donation for old folks home, donation for dialysis centre maintanence, donation for victims during natural disaster. So we started this vegetarian lunch cater in our A-level class, I was being elected as treasurer to collect money from those who ordered. Initially only few people in the A level department order for the lunchbox, slowly everyone gets to know about this charity program and more and more people started to order. Later on others department in KDU (Engineering, IT, Business etc) also joined in the programe, even the mangement people also started to order a few lunch box every month. Everytime when the vegetarian day comes, a few of us will follow Mr Low in 1 car to the Tsu Zhi and collect the lunch box from them, we then help to distribute the lunch box to different department. I remember near the end of my A level before I left for IMU, the total record of order was 70 lunch box!!!! I went back to KDU last 2 weeks, the programe still going on but still the record still not broken yet. :)
Mr Low and our A-level class.

After I left KDU, he and a new batch of students formed a club called" GO GREEN CLUB" to in charge of recycling program in KDU. I received a call from him during my semester break and he invited me to join a seminar in one of the private hospital in Penang. What is so special about this private hospital is because everyone in ths hospital, including the management, doctors and nurses participate in recycling program. The hospital has won several awards on its achievement in saving the number of waste produced. They re-use some paper for paperwork, use disposable lunch box, recycle the medication boxes and many more. Every week they have roaster for staff nurse and doctor to volunteer in the recycling room to sort out the waste paper, bottles or boxes for recycle. Since Penang KDU is starting its own recycle program, the person in charge from the hospital agree to share the experience.

We actually produced 15,000 tons of rubbish everyday.Sooner or later, we are running out of space to dispose those rubbish. More and more trees being chopped down to produce paper and tissue. More and more plastics being produced and it takes thousand year to dispose them. Recycling actually reduce pollution and saves energy, because in order to make product we need raw materials therefore results in more pollution and usage of more energy. According to expert, a lanfill can last 10 years longer if malaysian recycled 50% of their garbage. Instead of throwing in the dust bin, why not throw it inside recycle bin for recycle, just a little more effort and you are doing something to protect the environment. :)

I brought back 2 boxes of empty bottle and waste paper to college for recycle during my last visit. I agree that it is time consuming to collect, wash and pack the waste before we can send for recycle, but when you think of your children and your grandchildren, in order for them to be able to continue enjoy the clean enviroment we used to have when we were small kid, it is worth doing it. Anyway the earth is our home, we should keep our home clean. :)


IKEA, you rockksss~!!

Anyone has anything to recycle please let me know, I will collect them from you. :)


Chan said...

you don't take my empty jiu bottle from seremban ah...I want to keep those ! I think malaysia has to implement a separate trash system like they do here in europe. Here, you must separate your trash to recyclables, organic waste, and general waste. Unless everyone is doing it, you're fighting a losing battle my peng you !

KS Cheah said...

LoL...I know peng you, I think I keep the jiu bottle for our memory lar, next time display it in my clinic...hahaa. I know is hard to make everyone aware about the importance of recycling waste but there is one saying in Chinese, the meaning is something like this...

"Dont because the action carries little merit so you wont do it, and also dont because action carries little sin so you do it."